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Introduction to Surah Rahman

Surah Rahman is the 55th Surah of Al-Quran. There are 78 verses (Ayats) in this Surah. Rahman is an Arabic Word which means “The Most Merciful”. It is on the names of Allah SWT. Surah Rahman is a Makki Surat which means it was revealed on Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW in Makkah-tul-Mukarma.

Bridal of Quran

Surah Rahman is known as the “Bridal of Quran” due to refrain “Then which of your Lord’s blessing would you both deny?”. Allah SWT has mentioned 10 Blessings in Surah Rahman.

Surah Raman Read Online (Arabic Text)

Surah Rahman
Surah Rahman

Surat Rahman (Listen to Online)

Surah Rahman by Sheikh Abdur Rehman as Sudais

Surat Rahman (Mp3 Download)

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In which Para of Quran Surah Rehman is present?

Surah Rahman is present in the 27th Para of Quran.

How many verses are there in Surah Rahman?

There are 78 verses in Surah Rahman.

What is the meaning of Rahman?

Rahman is one of the Name of Allah. Rahman means “The Most Merciful” or “The Most beneficent”.

how to memorize Surah Rahman

How to Memorize Surah Rahman?

Min Time Required Time is 3 Days 3 days

Methods to Memorize Surah Rahman

There 3 pages, 15 lines in each page so in total 42 ( or 78 verses)

Memorize Quran in 14 Days

So memorising 3 lines a day you will finish in 14 Days

Memorize Quran in 8 Days

Memorizing 5 lines a day you will finish in almost 8 Days

Memorize Quran in 3 Days

Memorizing a full page which is 15 lines you will finish in just 3 Days.

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