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Surah Yaseen Read Online with Easy to Read Arabic Text. You can also Listen to & Download Surah e Yaseen Mp3 in the Voice of Soulful voice of Sheikh Sudais.

Introduction of Surah Yaseen

Makki Surah

Yaseen is the 36th Surah of Holy Quran. There are 83 verses (Ayat) in this Surah. Surah Yaseen is a “Makki Surat”, which means it was revealed in Makkah-tul-Mukarma.

Importance of Surah Yaseen

Yaseen or Yasin is one of the name of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Hazrat Ali (RA) says, ” I heard the Messenger of Allah Say, ‘Verily Allah has named me by seven names in the Quran Majeed: 1. Muhammad, 2. Ahmed 3. Taha 4. Yaseen 5. Muzzammil 6. Mudassir 7. “Abd Allah” (Servant of Allah).

Heart of Quran

Surah Yaseen is also known as the “Heart of Quran”. The meaning of “The Heart” is on the basis of much scholarly discussion in it.

Read Surat Yaseen

Read Surah Yaseen

Surah Yasin (Listen to Online)

Surah Yasin (Yaseen) | By Sheikh Abdur-Rahman As-Sudais | 36سورۃ یس

Surah Yasin (Mp3 Download)

Surah-Yasin-Yaseen-By-Sheikh-Abdur-Rahman-As-Sudais-Full-With-Arabic-Text-HD-36سورۃ-یس.mp3 (13 downloads)

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Surah Yaseen in which para?

Surah Yaseen is present in 22nd and 23rd Para of Quran Pak.

How many ruku in surah yaseen?

There are 5 Rukus and 83 Ayat in the Surah Yaseen.

Surah yaseen which number?

Surah Yaseen is the 36th Surah of Quran Majeed.

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